Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

Traditional medicine often focuses on the symptoms of a given illness, but doesn’t alway address the root cause of these symptoms.  Functional medicine is different because it seeks to focus on the core issues that are causing your symptoms.  Rather than focusing on the symptoms exclusively, we view your symptoms as a guide to the real issue that’s affecting your health negatively.

Functional Medicine uses epigenetics in helping understand how symptoms point to the core issues of our health. Specifically, epigenetics is the study of how changes in our genes are expressed when acted upon by our nutrition and our environment.

Modern science has identified specific gene mutations that affect our body’s ability to develop certain chronic conditions and diseases. Fortunately, we can identify these specific mutations in an individual and target their healthcare using preventative medicine, supplement support, and specific nutrition counseling to alter these gene expressions so that clients who may be predisposed to certain illnesses can be proactive in delaying or avoiding these illnesses and changes in their health.

Strategic Wellness™ Center’s focus on helping prevent disease through diet, exercise, and lifestyle modification has been an approach our clients appreciate as it promotes their proactive involvement in improving and maintaining their own health.

We Believe…

…It’s better to prevent than to prescribe.
…When prescriptions are appropriate, do so in conjunction with natural solutions like vitamins, supplements, diet, and exercise.
…In being responsible for our own health and lifestyle.
…Our health is a matter of good stewardship.
…Understanding and learning the client’s specific experiences are critical to developing pathway solutions to improving and sustaining better health.
…Medicine is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.
…Unique needs necessitate a unique approach and solution.
…A Physician shouldn’t be a bigger advocate for your health than you are.
…In better health and that it can be sustained with the right plan, accountability, focus, and desire.
…In QUALITY of Life.