Meet Our Team

Diana Williams MSN, FNP-C, IFMCP

Diana Williams MSN, FNP-C, IFMCP

Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. Certified as a Functional Medicine Provider through the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Diana’s journey to BHRT and Functional Medicine began like many of her clients. After the birth of her second daughter, Diana experienced greater-than-normal changes in her hormones, resulting in mood swings, chronic fatigue, and most significantly a severe, debilitating skin condition that made every-day activities difficult.  While Diana sought counsel from several specialists in her industry over many months, none were able to offer an effective, safe treatment.

It wasn’t until Diana discovered research within Functional Medicine that she fully understood how interconnected her body’s hormones really were. Today, through a program including supplements, a specialized diet, and vitamins, Diana has achieved balance in her hormones, higher energy levels, and her skin has greatly improved. Diana knows firsthand how challenging it is to overcome the symptoms of hormone imbalance, but because of her experience, she’s able to empathize with her clients as she guides them on their own path to better health.

Brianna Elder, Dietician & Health Coach 

Brianna is a self-proclaimed, lifelong foodie and Strategic Wellness’ newest dietitian. Brianna attended Appalachian State University for a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition, and went on to complete a dietetics program. When she’s not educating on food, cooking it, or researching it, she enjoys time outdoors hiking or gardening, movie nights at home with her fiancée Ben, or a day in the mountains with her people and Aussie, Hallie.  Brianna’s beliefs around food find their center in that it is a gift meant to be nourishing and healing, but also enjoyed fully. Brianna hopes to educate patients on how to fuel their body well, and also empower them to find freedom around food and make decisions for a well-nourished life of wellness, longevity, and really good food.   Brianna looks forward to meeting with you during your upcoming appointments.  

Sarah Davis, RN

Davis, RN, joined Strategic Wellness Center in 2020.  Sarah has been a registered nurse since 2006, receiving her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Lenoir-Rhyne College.  Sarah has worked in a variety of specialties
but feels most at home with wellness-focused medicine.  Sarah has a strong desire to help people feel their best, inside and out.  Sarah is married
to Brad, and they have 3 beautiful girls, Caroline, Kate, and Hannah.  In the office, you’ll find Sarah busy with labs draws, Nutrient IV’s, or providing Med-Spa services such as RF Microneedling.  Outside the office, Sarah
loves cooking, being outside, spending time in the mountains, gardening, and creating functional art on a pottery wheel. 

Lindsey Johnston, Aesthetician

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