Listen to what our patient’s are saying about our approach to health and what you can expect from Strategic Wellness™ Center!

“I have been under Diana’s care for several years. She has been so wonderful helping me as I have gone through many changes from menopause. I’m very excited as she moves forward into Bioidentical Hormone Therapy.”

Mecia – Hickory, NC

“Diana is an outstanding medical professional. She has treated may family and I as if we were her own family by getting to know us and truly listening to our medical concerns. One thing that impressed me most about Diana was that she never rushed the visit and would go out of her way to research additional information and call you personally with the results. Our family has every confidence in Ms. Williams and her ability to continue providing us with excellent care. We love her, her sweet spirit, and her passion for her work.”

Cammie L. – Hickory, NC

“I have experienced symptoms with imbalanced hormones and under-active thyroid for several years. I have been actively searching for a healthcare professional to help me address my health issues. Since choosing Strategic Wellness™ Center and Diana Williams, I feel like I am finally on the path to find the answers I’ve been searching for! I am truly grateful for a healthcare provider who is dedicated to helping me be the best version of myself!”

Tammy – Hickory, NC