Announcing Our New Name!

Precision Wellness Center is now Strategic Wellness™ Center

We have some big news to share!

We’re changing our name from Precision Wellness Center to Strategic Wellness™ Center, and we want everyone to know! What won’t change is our commitment to taking great care of each of our clients, understanding their unique needs and goals, and helping them get on a path to overall wellness and improved quality of life.

The Reason: While the whole story of this change is pretty long, the short version is that a large hospital system in NYC has recently received approval to trademark the words “precision wellness,” and they have asked us to refrain from using it in our marketing and as our name.

While we were very sad to receive this news initially, we’re excited about how this new name so well describes what we seek to offer you and all our valued clients—wellness strategies designed to change the course of your health and life. We know that everyone is unique and at different places in their health-journey. So while our methods remain precise, we know that great health requires a great strategy, one that considers the whole body and focuses on the root cause and not just symptoms.

Strategic Wellness™ Center: New name, same mission

Thank you so much for your support of our local business. The challenges, prayers, successes, and tears we’ve shared over the last year of our new business have meant so much to us, and we have truly loved being a part of your health-journey.