Our Financial Policy

We, at Strategic Wellness™ Centers, do not follow an insurance model, nor do we file insurance on behalf of the patient. If you desire, we can supply you with ICD-10 codes to present to your insurance company to file for reimbursement on your own. We do understand that this may be a financial burden for some patients and we do offer financing options.

Initial consultations are 1 hour long for $150. If you attend one of our free seminars, the consultation price drops to $85. At that consultation, we will discuss which package is best suited for your individual patient needs.

We do accept all major credit cards.

Ongoing Support

As you may know that a good support system is imperative to success, especially when it comes to meeting your weight loss and wellness goals. Strategic Wellness™ system will not leave you with a list of “dos and dont’ts,” but will rather support you throughout your journey. Helping you achieve your wellness goals and helping you to improve your mood, energy, looks, and sense of wellbeing is our priority. We do this through in-depth exercise, nutrition, sleep, detoxification and stress management counseling. We can work along side other providers and therapists, if need be, in our referral program to ensure this needs are being met.